Friday, March 24, 2006

Thursday, March 23, 2006

my little princess

this is garrett. the poor kid didn't have any dress up clothes of his own, so he always had to wear his sister's clothes. luckily his birthday was this past week and my mom got him some batman pj's and spiderman pj's so now he can wear those. now we'll really get to see if he likes dressing up like a girl, or if it was that he only had those outfits to dress up in. i'm praying for the last one of those options. for those of you wondering if i am ever going to get some updated photos of esther, i am working on that, but like i have said before, i'm a little busy. just be patient, may be by the time she is 16 i'll get some updated photos of her. have a blessed day!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

wondering where i am?

just to let you know, i have been a little busy here at the church. the pastor resigned and then left, so i have been left to do the preaching and trying my best to lead the church in this transition time. that doesn't leave me much time to blog, so that is why you haven't heard much from us. sorry about that, and i have been meaning to put some pictures of the kids on here, but like i said, i have been a busy boy. i'll try to get some up soon. we would appreciate the prayers of all of y'all and we'll let you know what comes out of all of this.

(*by the way nathan, did you see that i finally put you on here? hope you are happy! :-) )