Monday, November 22, 2010

Another 3 year old

To my sweet Gideon.  You are joy, laughter, sweetness and sass all wrapped into one little boy.  You love playing outside but always with someone.  Riding your bike, jumping on the trampoline and swinging (yourself) on the swing are your favorite activities.  You eat non-stop, until dinner when you, all of a sudden, don't like anything.

You are potty trained, much to my amazement and delight.  I was ready to go into your pre-school years fighting you, but you have surprised me. . .THANK YOU!

You love your blankie, your family, your Aunt Ange, napping with your P-pop, and Mickey Mouse Club House.  You love getting in the dryer with Nora, wrestling with Garrett, singing and dancing.  

Most of all you love to play the guitar and drums.  At church you always want to go on stage to sing and can always be found "drumming" the seat in front of us to the beat of the song.  You are a joy and a light in our day.  Love you my Thanksgiving baby.  Happy Birthday Gid.