Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Maryland Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving, we took the quick 3 hour trip to Maryland to visit the other Crisp family.  It's always fun to get the kids together, and heck, it's fun for the adults too!  We enjoyed sitting around in our jammies all day, playing games, doing puzzles, and a little home improvement project on our long weekend.

Esther on Elijah's shoulders.  This happened EVERY day, multiply times a day.  These two connected this trip.

Garrett and Micah, the video game boys.  They love the Wii the most and play the best together on it.  They really encourage one another and keep each other laughing while playing together.

Isaiah patiently waiting for his turn on the Wii.

Me and Amani taking a nap.

The kids saying their Thanksgiving prayer.  

Nora eating in a big girl chair.

This was lunch one day.  This is more what meal times looked like!

Garrett and Isaiah playing checkers.  Garrett is thrilled that I'm taking his picture.

Chilling out watching a movie.  Right before I snapped this pic, Esther had her head resting on Elijah's shoulder - so much love!

My husband goes a little crazy with nothing to do after a couple of days.  Erin gladly put him to work on ripping out the carpet in the entry way of the house.  The carpet was no problem.  The linoleum was a different story.  Not sure what they were going to find under it cause some concern but didn't stop the progress.  After ripping up the floor, they found, perfectly good hard wood, barely effected by the elements!

What they did find was lots of little, yet strong, staples that were holding the flooring down.  After some trial and error, they figured out how to get the staples out without breaking them and with no damage to the floor.  Way to go guys!

They're going to love me for this picture, don't you think?!?!?

Same gamers, new day.

Aunt Erin had lots of helpers in the kitchen.  Isaiah and Gideon were on duty this night.

More games.

Olivia rockin' it out on Guitar Hero.

Horse rides courtesy of Elijah and Olivia.

Gaming again.