Monday, August 28, 2006

Smarty pants!

I don't know how many of you can sympathize with having a 3 1/2 year old who thinks she's 13, so here's a little insight. Slamming doors in anger and frustration is the #1 way Olivia communicates these days. Tonight she was giving me instructions on what was to go on the basement while we were practicing her letters. And speaking of letter writing, here's a sample of her work. She's been writing her name for almost a year now, so I thought I'd start teaching her the other letters of the alphabet, needless to say, she pick up on it really fast. We were writing in chalk on the driveway and I wrote CAR where the car gets parked, and without my help or knowledge of what she was about to do, she when a few feet up the drive and wrote CAR too. Pretty legible, hu?

Playin' in the rain!

So, this is my first attempt at blogging - hopefully I won't need to call Josh and have him walk me through it! Josh has been letting you all know how we've been doing and that's great - but here's a little look at my everyday life with the kids. Because we live out in the middle of no where (which, for the record, is the most peaceful, beautiful middle of nowhere I've ever lived), anything to keep the kids happy is fine with me! So, on this particular day I let the kids put on their rain gear from "Aunt Ange's store" and play in the rain. Olivia is the cutest ladybug I've ever seen and Garrett is ready to fight fire!