Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - Take One

At Josh's family gatherings there is always an annual wiffle ball game, normally played by the adults and teens. It's always a lot of fun. It's amazing what 5 years and 9 kids will do to your wiffle ball game! Garrett's swinging away on a pitch from Uncle Rex. He did really well at hitting the ball, I think we've got a baseball player!
Gracie and Olivia share a cute moment while sharing a base during the game. It's so great how distance and time don't faze kids! They just pick up where they left off.
Sophie and Esther spinning together.
Garrett cheesin' with the twins. Gracie is on the left and Maggie is on the right.

Please continue to the next post down for more fun pictures from our weekend! I love spending time with family, it doesn't matter to me which side of the family it is - it's always good to be with people who love you, hug you and keep you laughing (even if it's at yourself)!!!! Blessing and love from the Crisp family.

Memorial Day Weekend - Take Two

Uncle Eric reads to the older kids before bed time on Sunday night - he was reading "Oh say can you say" by Dr. Seuss, that explains the funny expression on his face. From left to right Micah, Elijah, Uncle Eric, Garrett, and Olivia.
Nana kept Isaiah and Esther occupied during reading time.
Nana bought little sleeping bags at Big Lots this week and we all thought it would be fun to let the kids have a real sleep-over. Of course we started bedtime early because we knew we'd have to separate them to get them to sleep. It didn't take long for Garrett to start boppin' people on the head with pillows, for Micah to start talking loudly, and for Elijah and Olivia to tattle on all of it! They sure look cute all lined up don't they?
Another line up that's been talked about since Christmas. The last good picture we have of all the kids together was last Easter. This one turned out pretty good - it's REALLY hard to get them all to look at the camera, not move, and for the boys, not touch certain parts of their bodies!
Esther and Isaiah were ready for a ride. Isaiah sat in that seat for at lease 30 minutes, buckled! Esther decided it looked like fun and jumped on, he was more than happy to have a riding companion.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Just for fun

I'm getting tired of Esther's hair. I still can't believe that my kids don't have any hair! For a couple of days Esther's hair did it's own pigtail thing, with one piece sticking up. It dawned on me that maybe I could get her hair in pigtails. First I tried with just one a little off set on her head, it looked cute, but than I tried the two of them, and I thought it looked really cute. She didn't mess with them for a while. It wasn't til I tightened them that she pulled one out. At least I know it's an option.

Garrett is trying out the go-tee look with chocolate pudding. I don't know if the picture captures the look - but it really looked like a go-tee in person.

It really hasn't been as warm that last couple of days, but b/c we started playing in water a couple of days ago they want to everyday. The last couple of times they've been shivering so much, but they don't care! They were having fun showing off their muscles while they dried off in the sun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pool fun and Esther pains

The sandbox top has become our "swimming pool" for the time being, until we can get a real one. It's just right for Esther!
The kids drying off in the sun.
Olivia being "little mommy" to Esther. She really is a big help.
Esther crying at me b/c I wouldn't pick her up - this is what she look like most of the time when we are stuck in the house all day.
Two seconds after the previous picture was taken I took this one - doesn't look as unhappy does she? It's amazing how they turn that on and off!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tulip Time

Olivia posing with a little girl at Dutch Village dressed in her traditional Dutch dress - very cute!
Garrett excited about the carousel.
Mommy and Esther excited about the carousel.
Olivia and Garrett on the swings. For those of you who've seen Garrett on rides, you know that this is AMAZING! He really liked them. I made him watch Olivia on them first and he was determined to get on. I was sure that he'd start crying and they'd have to stop the ride, but he surprised me. It's amazing what a year can do.From left to right, Garrett, Esther, mommy, and Olivia. "Having fun at Dutch Village"

On Monday the kids and I met our good friend Joanne Hughes from Richmond IN at the dutch village in Holland. It's tulip time in the area, which means lots of attractions, carnivals, and tulips. We drive by the little park all the time, but have never ventured in. We probably won't venture back. The kids would have been done in there in 30 min. if we moved at their speed. Over all it was a good day. The rides are free once you're in the park, the carousel and swings being the rides. My kids are a little terrified of animals (all except Esther), so the petting zoo didn't really get them excited. The Dutch dancers left something to be desired and they got bored with them quickly. The best part of the day for the kids where all the bridges in the park - they loved running up over them. Funny what kids find exciting. Anyway, I failed to get any pictures of tulips or my friend Joanne from the day, sorry. I if can drag Josh to Holland this weekend I'll try to get some pretty flower pictures.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

May 8th

I know, I know, two posts in two days, what's come over me?? Actually, today was very reflective for me. Just wanted to share my thoughts from my journal this afternoon.

Today was my due date for the 4th pregnancy - twins. I know I probably wouldn't have made it this far - but it's still a tough day. I wondered this morning, what would I be doing right now if I hadn't lost them? Would they be home with us? Would I be going to the hospital to see them, instead of driving to Meijer? Who, besides Josh, would be here to help me? What would they be like? Healthy, but small? Sick, but getting stronger? Permanently sick, and learning to take care of them? I know I'll never know the answers and that's OK. I guess I just wonder, you know? We got the invitation for the Memorial service for all the still-born babies from the hospital where I had the surgery. I just think it's a little ironic. I know I'm not suppose to forget - and as much as I'd like to say that life is back to normal - normal is never going to be the same.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Family Fun Day

Garrett lining up his putt
Having fun bouncin' around
Olivia playing "Book walk." You walk around the numbers rugs and when the music stops, you stop. If your number is called you get a book, if not, you get a sucker. She didn't win either time she played (she must have Crisp luck!).
Garrett in a real fireman's uniform
Esther trying to keep her head up and pose for her picture with the fireman's hat.

A couple of weeks ago, the park behind our house had a Free Family Fun day. It was organized by MOPS and had games, a jumping cage, a fire truck, and free lunch. We had a great morning as a family. Hope you like the pictures!