Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just a bunch of fun pictures of the kids

Here are pictures from the last month.  Enjoy.

Esther and Olivia can often be found doing photo shoots.  Yes, this is Esther, on top of a dresser, laying on a pillow, posing like a model.  Hilarious!

Gideon in front of the tree.  Photo by Olivia.

Nora with her cousin, Finn.  She loves him.

Nora and Esther.  Again, the ears were a prop of the photo shoot.  Photo by Olivia.

Olivia and Esther in the middle of a photo shoot.  Photo by Garrett.

This picture was taken by Garrett, while I was in the kitchen.  It actually annoys me, because it's one of the best pictures of the kids I've seen to date.  And it was organized by Liv and taken by Garrett.  Amazing what they can get accomplished when they work together.

Garrett's turn for a picture, because he wasn't in the last one.

More posing.  Photo by Garrett.

I love this picture!  Photo by Esther.


Big brother, little sister love.


Nora and Gid "playing" the DS's.

Nora and her cousin, Joshua.

Esther and her partner in crime  best cousin, Avery.

Garrett reading to Nora.  I love these moments.

Gideon and Nora. Another sweet moment.

After we took down the tree, Esther found the tree skirt and thought it was a perfect spin-a-round skirt.  And she was right!

Sleeping sardines with the Crisp kids.

Nora, really into the dancing.

The 3 olders watching TV on our bed.  Right before I took this, Garrett was playing with Esther's hair.  Again, with the sweet moments.

Gideon enjoying the snow.

Nora eating the snow.

Christmas, Christmas, and more Christmas!!

Christmas went on for weeks this year.  Here are a couple of the times we were with family to celebrate Christmas.

Grandma and Grandpa Ledbetter with the Crisp great-grandchildren.  

The John Crisp family.  We are so blessed.

Gideon opening presents with Uncle Steve.

The Crisp men.  From left to right.  Eric, Mike, Steve, John (Pa-pa) and Josh.

Christmas with my Nana and Pop-pop.  The kids waiting patiently.

Olivia likes her toes socks.

Nora liked them too!!

Garrett excited about his microscope.

Christmas with my family.  The one year olds, Brynn, Nora, and Joshua.

Brynn and Nora.

All the kids (minus Finn, the newest baby) ready to open presents.

Watch out Grammy, you might get trampled!!

Pretend the date says Dec. 27th

Wow!  We had such a wonderful Christmas so far!  Of course, right in the middle of all the Christmasing, we can't forget about our beautiful Esther's birthday.  Our little princess joined our family 5 years ago today!  She is 100% girl.  Spinning dresses, make-up, princesses and modeling are among her favorite things.

The Crisp sister's all dressed up for the ball.

Princess Esther on her birthday.

Esther's request, a princess cake.  It was made of pull away cupcakes.  Definitely the way to go, there were no leftovers the next day!!

Happy 5th Birthday Esther Victoria.  

(Now, can you all STOP growing up?  It's taking a real toll on this mommas heart!)  

Pretend the date says Dec. 17th

Our December was crazy!  We had two birthday celebrations, at least 5 Christmas celebrations, and lots of fun with friends and family.  In all the craziness, I have failed miserably on blogging life.  So here's the first of many, that will hopefully catch everyone up.

Dec. 17 marked Olivia's 8th birthday.  Olivia wait so patiently for daddy to get home from a long day at work before she got to open her presents.  As I frosted her cake, she came over to me and said, "Mom?  Maybe when I'm a mom and I have an 8 year old I will put an 8 on her cake with frosting."

Well, that hint couldn't have been any bigger, she wanted an 8 on her cake.  Too bad I had already frosted the whole thing in chocolate frosting, and didn't have any other kind in the house.  So, I got creative.  I made a template of an 8 out of a cereal box and filled in the 8 with sprinkles.  She was really happy with the result and I was happy to not destroy my daughter's 8th birthday by not having an 8 on her cake.

Happy birthday to you Olivia Joy.  More blogs to come on what she's been up to and what a  beautiful girl she is becoming.