Friday, July 23, 2010

Then and Now

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Growing up together

What's better than being best friends with your sister?


your daughters


Best Friends.

Monday, July 05, 2010

A first time for everything

Church, home, picnic, pool, volleyball, conversation, fireworks with friends and family. This was our itinerary yesterday and unfortunately I didn't take one picture. I'm feeling really sad about it, b/c for the last 3 years, there have been posts about our 4th of July festivities. This year I just missed it.

The memories will not be forgotten. Yesterday we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of attending Sovereign Grace Church. A place that has been a healing agent, an encouragement, and the model of a healthy church. Josh played on the worship team, the kids and I worshiped with friends. We came home, napped the kids, and headed to a picnic to PARTY. When I say party, I mean, 26 adults and 44 kids who represent 14 families in our church. No matter where you looked, be it the pool, the trampoline, the two play sets, there were swarms of kids and many attentive adults. See why I'm so sad to have missed these picture taking opportunities? The picture in your head can't do that visual justice. From there, we headed to Cherry Hill to see the fireworks display. We got there right at starting time, plopped down on the church lawn, with many of our church family, and enjoyed the show. Gideon was not a fan of the fireworks, but the other kids loved it, including Nora.

I may not have pictures of the events of the day, but I did get a picture of Josh and Nora hanging out after nap time.

Daddy's girl (as long as mommy's not around!)!!

These pictures were taken earlier this week. Gideon wanted to share his popsicle with Nora. She was more than happy to take it off his hands.