Saturday, August 01, 2009

Playing Catch-up again

Once again I am way behind on the happenings of our house hold. The first couple of pictures are from the VBS the kids attended in July. They had a great time and are still singing the songs from it.

Esther during the closing program. She found us across the gym and made sure we saw her too!

Here are the kids killing time at the house. I really HATE playdough, however, it kept them busy for a while with no fighting between them. Well worth the clean up!

Another fun activity the kids have enjoyed, is playing with an enormous bin of dress-up clothes. Esther, our self-proclaimed princess, is usually the one dressing up and this picture captures her outfit of choice. Avery was visiting this day and enjoyed dressing up with Es.

All the kids LOVE "baby Brynn." She sometimes looks at Ange like, "Mom, are you going to save me from all these hands and eyes, or what?!?"

The Burlington County Farm Fair was last weekend, and we braved the heat took the afternoon to enjoy the sights.
Daddy and Gideon watching the pig races.

Olivia driving an antique tractor.

Esther at the wheel.

Watch out crazy kid comin' through!

Garrett and Olivia with the BC library book.

The next set of pictures are the kids with the animals, the highlight of the day.

Oh, and the dunk tank. Liv was the only one who hit the target!

Back to the animals.