Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i'm having some issues here lately. my wife is now 7 months pregnant as you can see. she is doing marvelously, but she is starting to get under my skin. she has been reading a book called lies women believe and i am starting to get a little frustrated with her. the book itself sounds pretty good. the lady who wrote it has based everything around scripture and i find that that usually makes for a pretty good book. the problem that i am having with jess, though, is that one of the lies that this writer says that women believe is that
we have a right to decide the size of our families. this is something that has bothered me over the past week and a half. the reason that it bothers me is not that it comes from scripture, but that it is a faith issue. you see, i have always struggled with faith and putting my whole life in God's hands. that is the exact point that jess is talking to me about. another problem is that i don't want to have 500 kids and i feel that if we just didn't have me snipped and if we didn't use some sort ofbirth control, soon i'll be driving a bus just to get my kids around. gentlemen, let me advise you, if you don't want a lot of kids, then i would advise you to never let your wives read this book. right now, i am fighting a fight that i thought that i was done with. we had made a deal that after our 3rd kid, we were done. now i'm not so sure she feels the same way. hope y'all make out better than i did.