Monday, October 29, 2007

35 Week belly

This picture was taken last Tuesday at a baby shower for my friend Katie, who is due 2 days from now with her first! I was almost 35 weeks. I was measuring a little on the small side at my appointment last Monday, but my ob said she was going to give it two weeks before doing an ultrasound. I was a little stressed out about it last week - but know that I cannot control this, and it's not worth trying to. I'll let you know next week what she says about the measurement. Sorry there's no cute pictures of the kids this time - you'll just have cope with my crazy photo!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The kids painting their pumpkins before the carving.
Final products - from left to right, mom, Garrett, Olivia, Esther, daddy - the kids really liked picking out their face designs, and mom and dad liked carving them A LOT more than the patterns.
At the pumpkin patch - the kids liked rolling down the big hill.
A really good picture of all the kids!
Esther up on the wagon trying to pick out her pumpkin.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Esther's Additions

Can you see it?? There's one in the other ear too - I like my bling!

The girls and I on Hayride night.

Olivia looking so grown up.

Garrett cracks me up in this picture! It was suppose to be a picture of the kids looking off into the distance, it didn't really work, oh well.

Three's a crowd - wait til there's four!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Hayride Fun

The wagon riders wait to head out on our adventure.
All lined up and ready to go! Check out Esther's pigtails! Her hair just started going up and she looks so cute! Another cute addition for Esther happened the next night at the mall (pictures to come later). Can you guess what it was?? (Those who know, don't tell!!)
Riding down the back country roads. That was fun - the kids thought it was great to ride without being buckled. Beth Jones, our pastors wife is in the blue sweater. Out host ofr the night, Esther Coffey in the red, than me and Esther.
Olivia sees the camera and can't help but pose for it!
Our fearless driver John Coffey.

We had a great time on Thursday night at a couples house from our church. They invited all the pastors over for dinner and a hayride. The weather was great (actually a little hot) and the company was better! I hope we didn't overwhelm the Coffey's with all the kids! Thank you for having us, everything was wonderful.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random pictures

Esther LOVES shoes (A girl after her Aunt Ange's heart)! These are a pair of dress-up shoes that she wears all the time - she likes to venture down the stairs in them too!
Garrett and Olivia putting on a performance for us. The horn was purchased at the dollar store and was one of those toys that looked like it would be fun but when you got it home the kids would realize how boring it was. However, the kids really did like it and have continued to play with it. Funny what kids can amuse themselves with.
Garrett spinning on the swing. He doesn't keep his legs tucked in, so he goes slower. He never did like rides, especially fast, spinning ones.
Olivia flies on the swing! She keeps her legs tucked as long as she can - she hasn't thrown-up yet!

These pictures are a little old, from when my parents came out - but this is what we've been doing lately too. The weather has been wonderful which I am thankful for. The longer we can be outside the better. Cabin fever won't take long to set in once the winter comes!