Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We are the flu!

"We are the Flu" is a quote from a loving member of our church that does a pastor prayer sheet ever week. He was letting everyone know that we needed some serious healing in our house, and to stay away!! Garrett stopped the fever last Wednesday. which is a praise. However, Olivia started the fever on Thursday and ran it until Sunday. And lucky, lucky me, Josh started the fever on Friday! Josh had an added symptom that the others didn't have, a really sore throat. On Sunday he visited the "Not-so-urgent-care" clinic (he waited for 1 hour before he was taken back to see a doctor) and was given antibiotics for this throat. The strep test was negative - but the doctor was not convinced b/c of how bad his throat looked. And I quote, "That is the ugliest throat I've ever seen". Yesterday he seemed to be the worst, I think a combination of feeling bad and REALLY being tired of being sick. Today he is A LOT better! Thank you Jesus! I had been feeling a bit lonely and was getting tired of being a single mom. I missed my Josh! So, I'm the only one who hasn't had it - and hopefully I won't get it. You know moms aren't allowed to be sick!

The picture is just for fun. It's not a very fun post without something to look at right?? And Garrett has some of the best facial expressions! I think he's part monkey. This is his new helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's a whole family of SUPERS!!!

After the party on Saturday, we had some fun with the masks that the kids wore during the party. This week our "family of Supers" haven't been so super. Garrett got sick the evening after the party and is still running a high fever. Esther has a really snotty nose and is recovering from a fever week last week. Josh isn't sleeping really well, probably from all the stress at the church, and the sick kids. The "Super Mom" feels anything but super with lack of sleep, lack of social interaction, and lack of ability to make my kids feel better. It just reminds me, once again, how out of control I am. All I can do is pray for healing and rest. But lets be honest - when you're this tired and stressed, do you even want to pray? Thanks for listening to my rant, and taking my dose of reality. Hopefully the pictures will make you laugh, b/c I know this post won't!

Garrett's angle of me being super! I must be some kind of cheerleader super hero!

I guess he thought that he'd be twice as "super" with two masks! You're still super in my book baby!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Garrett!!!!

Mr. Incredible made an appearance at the party - I wonder who his side-kicks are??

The little ones were not left out of the party.

Everyone turn and say CHEESE!!!!! Garrett's the only one missing - we've got another angle of the table - but he didn't look than either - so you see the back of his head!

Garrett and Jacob - the only other boy at the church close to Garrett's age - he turns 4 in April.

Time to open presents - it was like a swarm of bees!

We are so excited to celebrate Garrett's 3rd birthday today! He is such a sweet boy - violent at times - but such a snuggler!! I can't imagine life without him! I boycotted green b/c his birthday is more important that St. Patricks day!! We had a great party for him with lots of friends from church. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nana and Pa-Pa visit!

This past weekend nana and pa-pa dropped by for a couple of days to bring Garrett his b-day present and see the kids. It was really good to have them here, extra hands are always a plus! Linda had been asking us for an updated picture of the 5 of us - so we finally got it this weekend. Garrett was yelling "CHEESE" at the top of his lungs, as you'll be able to tell from his expression. Esther wouldn't let us take her binkie, and as always, Olivia was a big time poser! It's so fun to try to get a good picture of everyone - but always makes for good memories.

Garrett's new bike - he's been dying for his own since December when Olivia got hers!

Olivia molds play dough into a hat (see table) and shoes (in her hands) - she never stops creating.

Esther enjoys her first ice cream cone. Can you tell she's a third child? Olivia would have never had ice cream at 14 months!

A proud Nana and Pa-pa!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meeting Avery

Other than knocking down a wall in NJ,(the finished product is the next post down) our main goal was to go meet Avery, our new niece. She was great! I have to say, she is a really good baby, so sweet natured, and beautiful! Olivia and Garrett held her a couple times, but it was Esther who wanted to hold her all the time. She loved to hold her and rest their heads together. It was really cute. We can't wait to see how much she grows when they come out to MI next month!

I was beat after driving through the night, and you all know that there's nothing that will put you to sleep faster than a sleeping baby. Thanks to Olivia for documenting the occasion.

Avery would like to say HELLO to everyone in blogger land! (Like her 4 arms. . . thanks Dora!)

Semi-finished product

Some of you have asked what the room looks like now. I am pleased to announce that they got all the structural changes done. Now it's up to mom, dad, Andrew and Josh M. to finish with the sheet rock. I have to say, we are all really pleased with the outcome and really enjoyed spending time in the house with everyone when it was all done. Of course there's tones of facial work to be done, paint, carpet, new furniture - that will all come with time. For now, we're just glad that we can all be together and not sitting on top of one another.

Of course we had to let the kids have a wack at the wall - they really liked doing that!

Olivia and Garrett found a new seat at Grammy and P-pop's when it was all done!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


This week we have been "vacationing" in New Jersey with my family. We planned this vacation for this week, so that we could meet Avery. When we were out in January Josh asked my parents to wait for him to knock out some walls in the livingroom. This has been a dream of my moms for three years now. And now that everyone's finally out of the house, they can get rid of the bedroom and make a great room. We're all really excited. Josh was really excited to get to do some demolition, but it's been a lot of work. I'm really impressed with his drive to see it through and his leadership in the project. He said last night that he didn't know why everyone was asking him what's next, and what the plan was. . .I told him it's be/c he's the driving force and the work horse. Yesterday my dad had to yell at him to sit down! This is just a proud moment for me, my husband doesn't have a hands on, crafty job, so seeing him be so GREAT at home improvement and really enjoy doing it is so great for me. By the end of the day he's really tired and after three straight days of working from 9-7, he was really beat last night. I thought for sure, that he would wake up this morning not wanting to go again. He proved me wrong, he was feeling good, and started strong out of the gate! You think you know someone! It's so great that I continue to learn new things about Josh, just a new aspect of him I love. He is a hard worker and truely gifted with his hands, he must get that from Pa Crisp.

I may have to drive the whole way back to Michigan, but it's worth it. To see my husband find a new area of his life that he is sucessful in, to see the sons-in-laws all working together, really well, and to see my mom and dad get the living area they've always wanted.