Friday, May 20, 2011


Sometimes I look around at the dinner table and I wonder how we got to this?  When did we have five kids?  These are the days I feel blessed beyond what I deserve.  I am thankful for 5 times the laughs, 5 times the I love yous, 5 times the hugs.  Children are a blessing from the Lord.  They teach me more and more about my need for the Savior and the weaknesses that He saves me from.

Crazy dinner time.  

Nora expressing her displeasure with being told no.

Nora cheesing for the camera.  As her personality emerges, we are finding that we have a "mini Josh" on our hands.  The most like daddy, in personality, of all the kids.

Esther lives up to her namesake, "A Star".  She is 100% girl.  She wears dresses everyday.  Here she is painting her nails, an almost daily occurrence.

Gideon at 3 1/2, loves to get himself dressed (here his shirt is backwards), ride his bike, and play ball.

Garrett has always done these mosaic drawings.  As he gets older, they get more detailed and creative.  I'm excited to see where this passion takes him.  This one was for dad and mom (although, you can't see my name b/c it's written in pencil.  I guess I was an afterthought.).

The kids have been listening to the Narnia books on CD at night before bed.  They are currently on the final book, The Last Battle.  Here Olivia drew the 4 children from the stories and Aslan.