Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parenting 101

I am NOT an expert at parenting and it seems like everyday they are teaching me things. Like, how to use my imagination, that bugs are interesting not icky, and that anything tastes good with Katsup on it. Most of all they teach me to use more discretion, use kind words, and never miss the teachable moment, even if it means teaching me something in the process. Garrett reminded me this week how much he wants to do whatever he can to please. I alluded in the last post that he wanted to be like Josh that day - well it seems to be a trend thats starting. Daddy can do no wrong, and Garrett doesn't want to do anything to dissappoint him. He always wants to "jam" with him, Josh on guitar, Garrett on drums or mandolin. He wants to wrestle, kick the ball, throw the ball, jump as high, and be as fast as daddy. It's really the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. It reminds me what a STRONG influence we have and for the short time that we have it. Take the time to "jam", wrestle, color, play games, and just talk with your kids, b/c before you know it, dad and mom will be the last people they want to be like.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm mad that this picture looks so dark, because she's so darn cute in it!

Hopefully we'll be bustin' out the flip flops again soon!
He wanted to be just like daddy this day, Josh was working in the yard and Garrett insisted on sitting right next to him to work. At first Josh was feeling a bit cramped, but than realized how priceless the moment was.
This is THE BEST picture of Garrett we've ever gotten, of course he'd have chocolate ice cream all over his face!

Last night I was out with a friend and we stopped at Circuit City for something and I saw the card readers! I can now post pictures again!! I know you were all dying for new pictures of the kids. You'll notice that Garrett has a new hair cut. I got tired of his hair a couple of weeks ago, so I buzzed it off. Josh wasn't to thrilled and niether was Garrett when at bed time and nap time he couldn't twist his hair to go to sleep. OOPPS!! His crying for his hair only lasted two bed times, and now he's over it. I'm glad he adjusts to change well. We all enjoyed a teaser with the weather a couple of weeks ago and spent everyday, all day outside. I say it was a teaser, b/c we are now stuck inside, and have been for two weeks b/c of winter weather, yes that includes accumulating snow. I think the weather is going to get nice again, and stay nice this time - the kids are dying to get outside, and so am I!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to 100%!

I am happy to report that the Crisp house is back to 100% healthy! I never got the nasty sickness (thank you for all your prayers), and Josh is back to himself! HOOORAY!!!!! Here's a little note on the pictures - they are a couple of weeks old - but our camera is broken. We do have another one - but no USB cord for it. I need to find a card reader, anyone know where to find those??

Esther really missed her daddy when he was sick - she didn't understand why he wouldn't smile at her or pick her up - it was really sad. They're back to cuddling!

The kids also missed wrestling with dad - who do you think wins?

Having fun under the desk.

Who likes to have her picture taken??

We love each other! Most of the time!