Thursday, March 31, 2011

The latest on school, life and the kids

School for us is almost out.  6 weeks and counting - and I can't tell you how excited I am about it!  As I sit here nose, fingers and toes ice cold, I am dreaming of summer.

Beach days.

Pool days.

Hours and hours outside.

Grilling out every night.

Bike rides, roller blades, swings and slides.

New this year, will be hours spent at the baseball field, cheering on Garrett.

The kids are just as antsy for summer as I am.  At dinner every night Gideon prays this prayer:
"Dear Jesus, help us love each other and that we can go to the beach.  Amen."

Here's the latest pictures of the kids.  Growing up so fast and so beautifully.  I thank God for them everyday.

Here's Gideon ready for the beach (and a fight). 

Garrett - such a great kid.  We are really excited to enjoy baseball with him this season. 

Nora, loving Garrett's helmet.  She does the greatest "daddy dance" when Josh gets home.  Her love for him melts my heart. 

Olivia with her cousin, Avery.  Olivia is great with the littler girls.  She loves to read and play with them. 

My little princess, Esther.  Everyday she needs to know if she's going to be able to play outside, because it dictates whether she gets to wear a skirt or not.  As girly as she is, she is BY FAR the dirtiest kid at the end of the day!!  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garrett turns 7

Intensity, passion, extreme.  These are the words that describe you Garrett.  You certainly took his time coming into the world 7 years ago.  3 days late and 2 hours of pushing, our 8 lb. 9 oz. baby boy was born.  You have forever changed the way I love.  Your affection and intense desire to love deeply and and as hard as you can drives me to love in ways that stretch what I am comfortable doing.

You are the first person to greet strangers, high five buddies, and hug/hang on all available family members.  You are learning how to be a friend.  How to love people before yourself.  And are quick to remind me when I need to pray about MY attitude.  Thank you bud.

You initiate school on your own. You love math and anything that has to do with numbers.  You work hard to get things done but also like to get it done quickly.  Sometimes that's not a good combination but most of the time that means you get school done first!!

You are becoming a better reader and are not discouraged when you come up to a word you don't know.  You show perseverance in phonics and spelling.  A great attribute.

You are my best running buddy.  You love to ride your bike along with me while I run.  You don't like when I go across the bridge, you think it's going to fall.  You've been asking me lately if you can run too.  I know you think you're fast enough, but right now the bike will have to do.  Thanks for talking to me and just keeping me company.

 I love you dude.