Saturday, July 29, 2006

a blessing from God

we have been blessed by being here. the church had a pounding, which is where the people of the church welcome the new staff by bringing in groceries. we were so blessed that we wanted to show you how much they gave. not only that, but i also wanted to say that our cupboards will never be this full again.
we really love this church and though we are still getting our feet wet, we are trying to jump in the ministry with all of our hearts and we pray that God will use us in a huge way. not that it would be because of us, but because He chose to use us. we are willing to do whatever it is that He is calling us to do. All praise goes to Him, who is Holy!!! Let the Name of the Lord be praised!!!!

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our other visitors

jess has been trying to get accustomed to all the bugs and critters that have been around our house so now she has taken to catching them and taking pictures. she caught this toad a couple of days ago and then this leaf bug was on our house this morning when we went outside.
garrett has been having nightmares (literally) about all of the bugs. he wakes up screaming about ladybugs! it's so funny! anyways these city folks are trying to get used to the way of the country. we'll get used to it eventually.
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good morning crisp family

here are some wake-up pics of the morning with alllll the crisp kids. it was so amazing that they ate as well as they did and they didn't play like i thought that they would while the other crisp's were here.
isaiah still looks like he's still asleep doesn't he? we love having them over, because it keeps our kids busy and it's always good to catch up with my brother. we're looking forward to having more visitors in the near future. if your out in mi and you know our number, give us a call, we would love to have you. blessings!!

fun in the sun

eric and erin blessed us with their presence soon after we moved here because they were going to canada. so the kids had all kinds of fun while they were here. here's a question though, why is it that kids don't play in the pool when they are dressed for the occasion but when they are fully dressed they totally love to play in the pool?
then we have esther playing in the sun with a soccer ball that jess got me for my birthday. and then eli and olivia totally posing for the camera. there is more to come from this visit, but these are the pics from playing outside.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

when we got back

as you know just two weeks ago we got back from vacation. we have also moved into a parsonage, so while we were gone the church was going to paint the house and do some things to update the house a little. when we got back, though, there was a little present in the back yard and we were so excited. (especially the kids) there was a swing set there and we didn't even know that that was part of the deal. we have been so blessed by being here for the 2 weeks that we have been here. God definately has a plan and we are excited to be just a little part of that plan.

we pray that all is well wherever you are reading this and just know that God has a plan that is going to be worked out for the whole kingdom and we get to go with it or against it. i pray that you will work with Him on that plan, to further the Kingdom of God. have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

oops, i did it again

i may have had a little accident here, just hope that you aren't offended!! just laugh at me, it is all right!

just to let you know, this is just chili that i had spilled. i didn't really poop myself. just thought that i would let you know. i do have some friends that would poop themselves for a picture (i.e. nate kingsbury) love ya buddy!!!!

back from the shore

we had a fabulous time at the shore. we played on the beach and in the surf and none of us got burnt too badly. here are just a few pictures and i will post more later.
just keep us in your prayers as we make the change to burnips wesleyan. the other day jess (new jersey girl) was sitting out back and i think it was a little too quiet for her and she started to freak out. we went to holland later that day and she realized that she wasn't as far from civilization as she had first thought. anyway, it is hard for her because she has always lived in the city and this transition is a little difficult. she knows that we are where God wants us to be, but it sure is hard to remember that when your not comfortable with your surroundings, but i guess that paul got used to it too. i love you jess ;)

Monday, July 10, 2006

what's up

we are now in burnips, mi and we are very excited. we have been gone from ministry it seems like forever, because before we left new castle, i really didn't have any responsibilities and then we went on vacation right after we moved up here. we are so excited about what God has for us up here. we are nervous as well because it is all unfamilier and that worries us, but we know that God has a plan for us.
other than that there isn't a whole lot going on, we will have pictures soon of our vacation and i'll try to start posting a little more often. by the way if anyone was offended by my last couple of posts, i'm sorry but i think that kind of stuff is funny and the parents of those teens knew exactly what they were doing and they were alright with it.
pray for us as we get started up here and we'll be praying for you! God bless you all!!!!
(by the way, you can check us out on the web by going to if you really want to know more about the church.)